Philadelphia area Dentist answers, what is Tooth Bonding?

Cosmetic dentistry allows dentists such as Dr. A to rejuvenate the smile in a way they never through possible. Over the years, the materials and techniques used to repair imperfections of the smile have completely changed and become much more affordable. Now, patients may seek the assistance of a Philadelphia dentist to repair areas of the smile with the use of tooth bonding.

For tooth bonding, a composite resin material is used to correct problems within a smile. It is strictly cosmetic but can rejuvenate the appearance of one’s smile drastically after just one dental appointment. This material is applied to a tooth, shaped into place, and hardened with a specialized light. Then, the dentist files and polishes the composite material until it blends in seamlessly with the natural tooth enamel.

Tooth bonding is faster than porcelain veneers but is known for lasting just a few years instead of decades. It is not resistant to staining. However, it can be done in one day at the dental office and can be used to reshape teeth, cover cracks and chips, and fill in small spaces between teeth. Tooth bonding is also more affordable than porcelain veneers, and is sometimes used as a temporary solution until patients choose a long-term option for their dental needs.

There are advantages and disadvantages between tooth bonding and porcelain veneers, and patients should speak to Dr. A to determine which one is best for their needs and budget. Patients seeking a fast affordable method of covering imperfections may benefit from tooth bonding, while patients seeking a long-term solution may be better suited for veneers.

Composite resin bonding is completely safe and is an effective way of quickly improving a smile. Patients interested in tooth bonding should speak with a dental professional to determine if it is the most beneficial treatment for their specific needs. A consultation appointment with Dr. A of Innovative Dental By Dr. A is the first step to improving the beauty of the smile. His practice welcomes new and existing patients interested in smile rejuvenation and transformation.

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