Patients in Philadelphia can walk in to visit the dentist when emergencies occur

A dental emergency can occur anytime. However, you can rest assured dentist Dr. A and his team respond promptly when the unexpected happens. At Innovative Dental By Dr. A, patients can walk in, and we do all we can to ensure they are seen by Dr. A immediately. Dental emergencies range from tooth damage to an abscess. Regardless of the dental emergency, our team provides compassionate care to everyone who enters the doors of our Philadelphia practice.

One of the most common reasons patients needs immediate care is toothaches. An abscess or decay can lead to a toothache, which can be caused by a damaged filling, fracture, infected gums, or teeth grinding. There may be constant, throbbing, or sharp pain or discomfort only when pressure is applied to the tooth. Another symptom of a toothache is swelling around the teeth. If opening the mouth becomes painful, the toothache lasts longer than a day, or an earache develops, we recommend calling our office at (215) 624-1935.

During your visit, Dr. A will examine the tooth to determine the cause of the symptoms. He will also examine the gums, jaws, sinuses, tongue, ears, nose, and neck. There may be x-rays taken of the soft tissues. It will be important to tell Dr. A when you noticed the symptoms and when the pain started. It is critical to seek treatment for a toothache because it can be a sign of infection. Left untreated, an infection can enter the bloodstream or spread from to the face or skull. When a tooth is infected, it may need to be removed during root canal therapy.

At Innovative Dental By Dr. A, we believe in preventive dentistry to help avoid oral health issues such as toothaches. We stress the importance of brushing the teeth at least twice a day and sometimes after every meal. We are happy to teach patients the proper technique for flossing to ensure they can keep their teeth and gums healthy. It is critical to schedule dental check-ups at least every six months for examinations and professional cleanings. These three habits can keep your mouth, teeth, gums as well as the whole body healthy.

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