FAQs about Urgent Root Canal Treatment

When people think of emergency dentistry, they often think of the most extreme case. But what about a root canal? While it might not be the first thing on your mind, you may require a root canal for specific dental emergencies.

Here are some FAQs about getting an urgent root canal in Philadelphia.

When does having a root canal become urgent?

Oral infections are challenging to deal with, but they can be even more complex when complications arise. Symptoms can result from a condition that cannot wait for treatment when it becomes too painful for the patient to bear.

Symptoms of an infected tooth can include oral pain that is:

  • Throbbing or gnawing
  • Continuous
  • Only when chewing.
  • Sharp or shooting.
  • Radiating outward to the jawbone, ear, or neck.

When a patient is dealing with a combination of these symptoms, they may need an emergency procedure. One of these symptoms alone is bad enough, but it can be pretty problematic when you’re dealing with all of them at once.

Is there a time I should have a root canal performed ASAP?

When you have a tooth infection, and the pain is unbearable. Ignoring it will only make the condition worse and lead to more expensive procedures. The signs of an infected tooth show up quickly, so be sure to get it looked at as soon as you can, since not only is it painful, but the infection will spread rapidly and become more challenging to treat.

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Do you Perform Urgent Root Canal Procedures?

Yes. Innovative Dental By Dr. A team are here to help. If you’re feeling discomfort and there are external signs of severe infection (swollen gums, tooth discoloration, etc.), don’t wait.

The sooner you take care of an infected tooth, the less pain you’ll experience. With regular checkups and professional treatment, your teeth will stay healthy and strong for years to come.

Dr. A and the team at Innovative Dental By Dr. A in Philadelphia offer the latest in root canal procedures. To learn more, call (215) 624-1935.

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