Philadelphia Dentist describes Toothaches

It is common for patients to deal with dental emergencies at some point in their life, especially when it comes to toothaches. When Philadelphia area patients are dealing with pain that comes from the mouth unexpectedly, they may be experiencing a toothache caused by an abscess, infection, or deep area of decay. This pain and discomfort can even keep patients awake at night and negatively affect their quality of life. Visiting an emergency dentist such as Dr. A is the best way to get this problem attended to.

At Dental Arts Group, we provide general and cosmetic dentistry as well as assistance with the unexpected. Dr. A has helped many patients who have called in for dental emergencies such as toothaches and he gladly accepts new patients into his practice for emergency care.

Toothaches can be painful and if patients are unable to get into the dentist for treatment, they can do some things to address the pain and discomfort until they can get assistance. Many patients will benefit from over-the-counter pain relievers. They can relieve patients of the discomfort they are feeling. In the meantime, patients should also be careful of what they eat and drink to avoid aggravating their condition. Patients should avoid putting painkillers directly on the tooth because this can burn the gum tissue. Patients can also rinse their mouth with warm water, and floss their teeth in case the pain is caused by a food particle lodged between teeth. When all of these options have been attempted and patients are still uncomfortable, it may be time to contact the dentist for an examination and further diagnosis of the source of the pain. Some situations may only be remedied with professional assistance.

Our practice is here to help. Contact us whenever you have an emergency dental need and do not hesitate to make an appointment to consult with us regarding problems such as toothaches. We want to ensure our patients have healthy, happy smiles free from problems and will provide emergency and preventative dentistry for new and existing patients in our practice. Call today to book an appointment with Dental Arts Group!

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