Philadelphia area practice offers teeth whitening services with a professional

Cosmetic procedures such as professional teeth whitening are some of the most common services requested by patients in the Philadelphia area. Dr. A and the team at Innovative Dental By Dr. A discuss the benefits of treatment, which eliminates the need for over-the-counter products that fail to provide results.

Why choose professional teeth whitening?

Patients who are unhappy with the results achieved with over-the-counter products are welcome to speak to a dental professional about the advantages of professional teeth whitening. Dr. A encourages patients to realize the wonderful investment being made in the beauty of the smile with professional bleaching treatments. Patients enjoy faster, longer-lasting results with these services and find them to be worth every penny!

What type of professional service is available?

At our facility, our professionals find the KöR deep bleaching system to be the best, most effective solution for most of our patients. KöR deep bleaching is a special procedure that is done right in the dental office within an hour. It begins and ends with a cleaning, and patients rest easy as the whitening product pulls stains from deep within the tooth enamel quickly and easily. The process from start to finish is simple, comfortable, and can whiten the teeth up to 16 shades brighter. The results last much longer than products available in the local drugstore.

What are the benefits of KöR deep bleaching?

This process of brightening the smile is:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable

Considering professional teeth whitening services?

Visit a professional who has years of experience in helping patients achieve smiles they can be proud of. Call Innovative Dental By Dr. A today at (215) 624-1935 to schedule an appointment and visit the practice at 7052-56 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia, PA. We accept new patients for quality dental services.

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