Professional teeth whitening based on patient preference is available in Northeast Philadelphia

Many patients choose teeth whitening as an easy, economical, and reliable smile enhancement. Innovative Dental By Dr. A offers Northeast Philadelphia patients a choice in professional whitening options in order to provide the experience they desire. Patients who want a brighter and more vibrant smile are encouraged to consider our quality services. With a minimal investment of time and expense, patients can find renewed confidence and improve the first impression they make on others.

Many patients will ask how over-the-counter whitening products compare to the professional products we offer. Retail products vary greatly in the degree of whitening, application, and time to achieve desired results. Some will choose to try these methods because of their desire to whiten at home. For those patients, we offer a take-home option. This provides patients with a reliable and predictable whitening experience with a professional-grade product.

Faster whitening can be achieved with our in-office option, the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System®. This is the preferred method to take away all the hassle and guesswork by allowing experienced professionals to perform the whitening process. All a patient has to do is sit back and relax. Patient comfort is maintained throughout the entire process. The KöR Whitening System is gentle, yet effective, making it ideal for those who experience sensitivity to other whitening products.

To help our valued patients maintain their gleaming smiles, we offer “Whitening for Life.” Because we know that the most beautiful smile is a healthy smile, we want to be sure that patients attend their regular examinations and professional cleanings. To encourage faithfulness to these appointments, we offer our patients a supply of whitening solution for take-home use at these appointments. We invite area residents to call us and schedule their next routine appointment, or to receive assistance regarding the whitening option best-suited to their individual needs.

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