Why is Six Month Smiles getting rave reviews in Philadelphia?

If you have crooked teeth, chances are that you don’t share your smile with others very often. What matters to you is the way your front teeth look crowded and out of place every time you smile. A misaligned smile is usually considered an unattractive smile, but if you didn’t have orthodontic treatment when you were young, what can be done? Taking good care of your teeth and keeping your mouth healthy won’t change the placement of your teeth. Since there is nothing you can do to fix your smile by yourself, you should visit us to find out what your options are.
When Dr. A reviews your smile in our Philadelphia office, you may find that it is possible to have the straight teeth you’ve always wanted with the help of Six Month Smiles. This treatment plan works much like traditional braces in that it uses strong wires and brackets to ease your teeth into place. The difference is that the wires and brackets are the same color as your teeth so that people may not notice you are correcting your smile as easily as if you had silver wires on your teeth.
Most other orthodontic treatments also aim to correct the positioning of your entire smile, which is why they take so long to work. Six Month Smiles can work in six months because this cosmetic treatment focuses on only the visible front teeth.
When you have a special event coming up or you just want to be able to present your best smile to the world, Six Month Smiles can help you correct your smile in the time you need. Visit Innovative Dental By Dr. A in Philadelphia this week to get a consultation and discover if Six Month Smiles or one of our other orthodontic treatments could be used to correct your smile.

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