Problems that can be addressed with Six Month Smile orthodontics in Philadelphia

It is not unusual for patients in Philadelphia who visit Innovative Dental By Dr. A to schedule an appointment to speak with a professional regarding imperfections within their smile. Problems may include misalignment and gaps that negatively impact the appearance of the teeth. When situations such as these are a concern for patients, they often want to work with a professional who has the experience to address cosmetic issues. Dr. A and his team can assist individuals in and around Philadelphia with imperfections using orthodontics.
Orthodontics are used to solve a variety of problems that may arise within the smile. Orthodontics are not only used to improve the aesthetics of the smile, but the function. Teeth that are properly aligned are easier to clean and care for, reducing the risk of periodontal disease and tooth decay. Bites that line up appropriately allow the teeth to properly chew food, aiding in better digestion. Patients with gaps between teeth and crooked teeth may also feel self-conscious about the way their smile appears to others when they smile, laugh, or speak.
However, when many patients think of orthodontics, metal brackets and wires come to mind. These unsightly apparatuses cover the smile and can affect the way it looks. When patients come to Dr. A with concerns about their smile, they are often excited to learn about orthodontic alternatives available in his practice—including that of Six Month Smiles.
Six Month Smiles is a treatment that uses brackets and wires, but these are tooth-colored and much less noticeable when applied over the teeth. Also, patients who use Six Month Smiles will achieve faster results which can reduce the amount of time they need to wear the brackets and wires. Six Month Smiles are best for strictly cosmetic purposes, and are most appropriate for addressing the teeth near the front of the smile that are seen when patients interact with others. These are also referred to as the “social six.” Patients who need to improve bite alignment or have more moderate concerns regarding malocclusion may want to speak to our team about another alternative known as Invisalign.

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