Restoring Your Smile with Natural Looking Dentures

In the past, unless you spent thousands of dollars on your dentures, they didn’t always look natural. Today, finding dentures that look natural in the Philadelphia area is much easier than ever before. You don’t have to worry that your new dentures won’t fit the frame of your face or that they will be unnaturally white or unevenly covered. With authentic-looking dentures, you will be able to smile and always put your best face forward.

Made to Fit You

Your mouth is uniquely your own. That is why your dentures should be made to fit the contours and frame of your face. The closer they are to your natural teeth, the better they will look when you wear them. Your dentist will be able to take molds of your original teeth before they are extracted. If your teeth have already been pulled, he may be able to create a close replica by using old photographs of your face wearing several expressions. That is the best way to get a natural-looking pair of dentures.

Natural Color and Shape

For you to look your best, your dentures must have a natural color and shape to them. That will fill out your mouth, giving it a complete, more balanced look. It’s also essential that the teeth be shaped like your original teeth. It will give your mouth a more natural look. Even for people whose mouths were not symmetrical before having the dentures put in place, they can be manufactured to produce a more balanced appearance.

Uniform Size

Natural-looking dentures are designed to give the appearance of your original teeth. In some cases, if your dentist does not have any molds or old photos to go off of, they may be required to choose a more generic mold. With today’s advanced technology, dentures can be made using a form created by casting your original teeth before extraction.

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Natural-looking Dentures available at Innovative Dental By Dr. A, Philadelphia

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