Dentist in Philadelphia discusses reasons to consider Dental Implants

Dental implants are a common restorative solution for patients in the Philadelphia area who are missing teeth. Dental implants are titanium posts that Dr. A can implant into the jawbone and restore over the top with crowns, bridges, or full dentures. They are often considered for patients who want a permanent option for replacing teeth that have been lost or extracted to restore the aesthetics of the smile and improve function.
Dr. A and his team are here to offer dental implants as a permanent solution to tooth loss. Many patients will ask their dentist about the reasons to consider dental implants for their smile.


Dental implants are fused into the bone structure of the mouth which gives them superior strength and stability, unsurpassed by other restorations including dental bridges and dentures. Once they are placed and restored, dental implants are just as strong and functional as natural teeth.


Many patients may consider dental implants even though they have full dentures. Full dentures may slide and move around and cause irritation and sores. This can be avoided by placing dental implants, which work with the dentures to stabilize them and keep them from being uncomfortable.


Dental implants are fused into the bone structure through the process of osseointegration, which is when the bone grows around the implant. Osseointegration makes dental implants permanent and last a lifetime with proper care.

Resistant to Cavities

Since dental implants are not natural teeth, they are resistant to cavities. They can replace teeth that may have been affected by decay but they will not be affected by decay in the future. However, they can be affected by periodontal disease, as this condition can reduce bone structure and cause the implant to become loose and fall out.


Though dental implants cost more initially, they can last a lifetime. Therefore, their value is higher than bridges and dentures, which need to be replaced periodically and are susceptible to breakage.

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