How professional Teeth Whitening works better than over-the-counter methods for Philadelphia area patients

A yellow, dull, or discolored smile can detract from one’s overall appearance. The teeth and smile affect the first impression we make on others and should be memorable in a positive manner. Dr. A and his team can help individuals by providing professional teeth whitening solutions to Philadelphia area patients.

It is common knowledge by those who have tried over-the-counter methods that professional teeth whitening is much stronger and more effective than anything available at the local drugstore. Patients who have tried drugstore products have been unhappy with the results they have achieved. Dr. A wants to help patients in achieving a more beautiful appearance to their smile safely and effectively without having his patients waste their hard-earned money on subpar results with commercial whitening products.

Professional teeth whitening is made much stronger than anything available over-the-counter. Because it is administered by a dental professional, the ingredients are in stronger concentrations because it is provided by a trained individual. Patients can come to the office to have whitening performed and enjoy the true benefits of an effective treatment.

Dr. A of Philadelphia offers his patients the KöR Deep Bleaching System. This method of whitening the smile is not only effective but can brighten teeth several shades whiter in just one appointment. No other over-the-counter product can achieve this. KöR Deep Bleaching System uses powerful whitening ingredients that are used to improve the whiteness of the natural tooth enamel dramatically in approximately two hours.

Dr. A suggests professional grade teeth whitening services to patients who are ready to take charge of their smile and have it bright and beautiful for an upcoming event such as a reunion or a wedding. He also offers them for patients who want real results, not subpar whitening that is sometimes achieved with the store-bought products. He assures patients that his KöR Deep Bleaching System will provide dramatic, beautiful results quickly and easily while being easy on the pocketbook! Contact him today to learn what sets professional teeth whitening services apart from over-the-counter methods.

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