Invisalign creates beautiful smiles for Philadelphia teens

For crooked teeth, the standard dental practice uses metal braces to restore your straight smile. Although very effective, they are cumbersome and can be a source of embarrassment for teens and adults alike. There is another highly effective treatment that straightens teeth without metal brackets: Invisalign.
The benefit of using Invisalign is in the name. Clear trays that are tailored to each patient’s unique teeth are made to correct overcrowding or large gaps discreetly. These trays are made with a durable thermoplastic material that withstand day-to-day activities. They are also removable, so if you have an important event, play an instrument, or really want to enjoy a certain kind of food, you can safely take them out and put them back in once finished. This also makes the cleaning process easier than having to pick out food from behind metal brackets.
Patients will visit our office every two weeks to get new trays because, as they do their job, they need to also shift with the movement of the teeth. Every month and a half to two months, patients will receive a complete examination so that our staff can assess the progress made and to also ensure the patient is receiving the proper care.
This corrective process works for people of all ages; however, it also requires more attention and care on the part of the patient. Trays need to be worn for at least 22 hours a day, every day. There is no off day. Even missing one day could delay your path to a better smile. Most aligning trays are now fitted with a blue dye on that back molar that will let dentists know if the patient is using them correctly. If you feel that you or your child may forget to wear Invisalign, braces may be the better option.
If you are seeking a straighter, more beautiful smile, the offices of Dr. A have the drive and know-how to put you on that path. Call or come in today for the answers to all your cosmetic dental questions.

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