Do Philadelphia area patients with gum disease need periodontal surgery?

Conditions, such as gum disease, can cause inflammation of the mouth and affect the bone, gums, and teeth. It can also carry bacteria through the rest of the body and increase one’s risk for a number of medical problems including stroke and heart disease. Early diagnosis of gum disease is so important to control the condition and keep it from becoming worse. Dr. A of Innovative Dental By Dr. A educates his patients on the signs and symptoms of gum disease so they are well aware of when they need to visit a dental professional for an assessment and possible treatment.

There are several stages of gum disease and the severity of the condition will determine the treatment option of choice. First, our dentist will provide a thorough evaluation of the smile. This includes a physical examination and x-rays to check the health of the teeth underneath the gum line. This also helps him in seeing bone loss or cavities which also may be contributing to poor oral health. Once the stage of gum disease has been diagnosed, treatment options are discussed.

Patients in the Philadelphia area are often concerned periodontal surgery may be needed for treatment of their condition. This is not always the case. Periodontal surgery is saved for the later stages of gum disease called periodontitis. This is when scaling and root planing is needed to clean not only the surfaces of the teeth, but the roots as well. Antibiotics are also used to address infection when bacteria are present. This may be directly on the area or through oral medications. After initial treatment, patients are urged to see their dentist regularly for continued examinations to monitor the progress and ensure the condition is being properly controlled. We recommend most patients come in every three months until it is determined the gum disease is thoroughly controlled.

A proper diagnosis and treatment determination can be made with the help of the team at Innovative Dental By Dr. A. Contact our practice to discuss the options available and find out if periodontal surgery is necessary to restore your dental health after the development of gum disease.

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