Philadelphia dentist can perform periodontal surgery to treat gum disease.

At Innovative Dental By Dr. A, patients battling gum disease are taken care of from beginning to end. Dr. A and his staff provide both preventative services and expert treatment of periodontal conditions such as gum disease.

An excess build-up of plaque on a patient’s teeth that goes untreated can lead to gingivitis. In turn, untreated gingivitis can turn into gum disease. The farther along in this process the patient gets without being treated, the harder it is to reverse the effects. Gum disease begins with a buildup of too much bacteria. This bacteria can lead to the receding of gums and even tooth decay and loss.

Dr. A and his amazing team have treated every stage of this condition many times. They know that the best way to prevent gum disease is with effective oral hygiene practices and regular dental care. Besides providing excellent teeth cleaning services, they also explain the warning signs and provide treatment tips for patients to do at home. Good brushing and flossing habits can go a very long way towards preventing gingivitis and gum disease, and both adults and children patients are taught how to properly clean their teeth in order to avoid a harmful buildup of bacteria on their teeth and gums.

Dr. A has also seen gum disease resulting from a wide variety of causes. Teeth clenching and grinding can often lead to weaker dental health. This in turn can create a higher susceptibility to gum disease. Drastic hormonal changes, such as during pregnancy also produce side effects that can ultimately result in periodontal disease. Dr. A has seen all of these different scenarios many times, and he and his staff are ready to handle them. They specialize in gum contouring to reshape gums affected by recession so that not only the teeth are healthier, but the whole mouth is as well.

At Innovative Dental By Dr. A, they know the fight against gingivitis and gum disease starts by teaching oral hygiene habits from the beginning. If you find yourself needing the help and expertise of a licensed professional, call today to schedule an appointment.

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