Get back your smile after the loss of teeth with dental implants from Philadelphia, PA dentist

Replacing missing teeth is essential to maintain dental health and proper function of the smile. Patients who have experienced tooth loss need to work with a dentist in the area of Philadelphia, PA to discuss the solutions available to them. If you are ready to get your smile back after tooth loss, our team may encourage you to do so with the use of dental implants.

Understanding dental implants

There are several methods of treatment available for patients experiencing tooth loss. The most common replacement options for teeth include:

Dental implants are one of the most widely selected restorations for those missing one or more teeth for several reasons. The benefits of dental implants often outweigh those of alternative treatments, making it a desirable choice for many adult men and women. Dental implants:

  • Provide lifelong repair of the smile following tooth loss
  • Are a permanent and stand-alone option for replacing one tooth in the smile
  • Are a smart investment in the smile, and can be financed for those who require it
  • Are reliable and durable, as they use the jawbone for foundational support
  • Offer versatile solutions for a variety of dental concerns
  • Can anchor dental bridges or hold full dentures
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Am I a candidate for dental implants?

If you are considering a way to get your smile back and are considering dental implants, we welcome you to book a consultation visit and initial evaluation with Dr. A and his team. During this first appointment at our practice, you will undergo a physical assessment of the smile with our dentist. The dental team will also take x-rays to look at the bone structure of the jaw. X-rays allow the dentist to visualize the area in which the implant will be inserted, while also allowing him to see if enough bone is available for successful oral surgery. Patients who have lost bone or other tissues in the area that may impact the placement of a dental implant may need to undergo preparatory procedures such as bone grafting to prepare the area. While there are added costs and time to this procedure, it allows patients to enjoy dental implants–even if they have experienced bone loss from their tooth loss.

What can I expect throughout the procedure?

What can I expect throughout the procedure in Philadelphia area

The placement of a dental implant does require patients to undergo oral surgery. Once patients have had their initial evaluation with Dr. A and have been determined to be appropriate candidates, an appointment is scheduled during which patients will undergo oral surgery. During the oral surgery, an area is prepared for the placement of the dental implant in the jawbone. The implant is placed, and the gum tissues are then sutured around the implant. A temporary restoration is often put over the visible portion of the implant while the area heals. The healing process can take several weeks while osseointegration occurs. This bone growth is necessary to ensure the implant has a proper foundation.

Once the dental implant is firmly in place within the bone of the jaw, the dentist will then begin preparing the restoration for the top of the implant. The restoration used will depend on how the patient is restoring their smile. Patients replacing a single tooth will have a dental crown placed over the abutment of the dental implant, while patients replacing several teeth may have a dental bridge fabricated. Others who are using the implant for implant-retained dentures will have specialized full dentures made to snap into place within the dental arch using the implants as stability. The entire process can take a month or so from start to finish, but the results are worth the time and effort needed.

Dr. A proudly offers dental implants

Replacing missing teeth allows patients to restore their smile after tooth loss occurs. With dental implants, patients can rest easy and enjoy a permanent solution! If you believe implants are right for you and want to learn more about these restorations, connect with Dr. A of Innovative Dental By Dr. A. Call the practice at (215) 624-1935 to schedule an appointment at his Philadelphia, PA area practice.

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