Philadelphia area Dentist describes full or partial Dentures for smile restoration

Our teeth are important for a variety of reasons. They enhance our appearance. They allow us to speak properly. They chew our food to help us better digest it. However, when patients in the Philadelphia area are dealing with missing or extracted teeth, they may be embarrassed by their appearance, unable to speak clearly, and may not be able to chew their food enough for proper digestion. This is when Dr. A will suggest patients learn more about the tooth replacement options available.

For those who are seeking an economical way of repairing their smiles, full, or partial dentures are often suggested. Dr. A and his team offer these as a way of replacing missing teeth.

Full dentures integrate fake gum tissue with high quality acrylics to replace an entire upper or lower arch of teeth. Full dentures have improved dramatically over the years and no longer look like “false teeth.” Dr. A uses only the best laboratories to create realistic and beautiful smiles with full cosmetic dentures and he will work closely with patients to achieve their dental goals.

Partial dentures are used when patients are missing one or a few teeth within the dental arch. They snap into place using metal brackets in the same way a retainer is inserted into the mouth. However, they replace the missing teeth and fill in the gaps.

Both full dentures and partial dentures are effective, economical ways for patients to repair their smiles after tooth loss, and the team of Innovative Dental By Dr. A works with patients to determine if dentures are the best solution for their restorative needs. Patients in Philadelphia and the surrounding communities are welcome to contact our practice to book a consultation visit and examination to determine if dentures are best suited for their specific concerns.

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