Family dental practice in Philadelphia offers cosmetic dentistry services

Philadelphia area residents who want to enhance their smiles at a family dental practice are encouraged to visit us. At Innovative Dental By Dr. A, patients can enjoy an array of aesthetic services to improve the appearance of the teeth and gums, so they can feel confident every time they smile!

There is a range of treatments available in our practice for new and existing patients:

  • Dental implants – replacement of missing teeth is often done with dental implants. These titanium posts are best for restoring the smile when one or more teeth are missing from the dental arch.
  • Teeth whitening – a bright smile allows patients to exude confidence and beauty! Our professional whitening solutions are much stronger and longer-lasting than anything available over-the-counter.
  • Orthodontics – sometimes, misalignment needs to be addressed with the use of orthodontics. Our practice offers Six Month Smiles and Invisalign.
  • Veneers – porcelain restorations such as veneers are a wonderful way for patients to achieve a more beautiful smile when imperfections are a concern.
  • Dental bonding – dental bonding is done with composite resin and can be a wonderful, more affordable alternative to porcelain veneers for many of our customers.
  • Gum recontouring – sometimes the gum line can be problematic when it comes to aesthetics. We offer treatments that address soft tissues for an improved appearance.
  • Dentures – missing teeth can be replaced with dentures. Our practice offers both partial and full dentures for patients.

Dr. A is here to help patients in and around the area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with cosmetic dental services for the entire family. The practice is conveniently located two blocks from Cottman and Frankford Avenues at 7052-56 Frankford Avenue and can be reached by calling (215) 624-1935. Contact the front office team today to schedule an appointment with Innovative Dental By Dr. A.

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