Benefits of a Philadelphia-based Family and Cosmetic Dentistry provider

At Innovative Dental By Dr. A in Philadelphia, we built our practice with both the young and old in mind. We are committed to offering patients the best in family dental care and cosmetic treatments to provide them with healthy and attractive smiles. Whether patients are seeking a dentist that can improve the beauty of their smiles, or a practice that can cater to the needs of patients of all ages, the team at Dr. A’s office is ready and available to help new and existing patients with their dental care.

Dr. A loves to see patients in his practice who enjoy the benefits of good oral health care and hygiene. When a patient takes good care of his or her smile, it shows—in both confidence and dental health. The team at Innovative Dental By Dr. A works with patients to help them achieve a beautiful smile and maintain it for life.

There are many benefits to having a family and cosmetic dental team.

Convenient Appointment Scheduling

Patients with family dentists enjoy the benefits of back-to-back dental appointments for everyone in their household, making regular dental visits easy and accessible. This allows patients to make one stop at one dental practice to receive oral care for everyone at once.


Peace of mind is easily attainable for patients young and old when they visit a dental practice they are familiar with. When family members recognize the surroundings of the dental office, they will become more comfortable and at ease in the environment. Our staff goes out of the way to ensure we call patients by their name, and treat them as our own family when they arrive!

Thorough Dental Care

Knowing the family’s dental and medical history is essential in providing more thorough, comprehensive dental care for patients. When Dr. A is informed of previous dental concerns, he adjusts a patient’s needs accordingly and provides earlier diagnosis of dental problems that may arise due to genetic disposition.

Better Emergency Care

Patients who regularly visit Dr. A will enjoy the benefits of faster, more efficient emergency dental care. By visiting the practice regularly, the team will already have important x-rays and medical information on file to provide thorough emergency care.

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