Philadelphia, PA area dentist offers emergency tooth extraction

Unexpected dental emergencies can happen to anyone. Patients need to work with a dentist in the Philadelphia, PA area who offers emergency treatments for patients with immediate needs. Dr. A and the team at Innovative Dental By Dr. A provide emergency services such as:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Restorations
  • Fillings
  • Root canal therapy

Why emergency dentistry?

Not every dentist is available for emergency dental services. The team at Innovative Dental By Dr. A believe patients of all ages should have access to same-day treatment when they are faced with an immediate dental need. Therefore, appointments are available throughout the day to get patients in at the last minute for care. When patients come into our practice with a dental emergency, our team performs the treatments necessary to bring their smile back to health, or can make patients comfortable until they can come in for necessary procedures.

Why might a patient need tooth extraction?

Tooth extractions are performed to eliminate a problem tooth. The tooth may have had a very large filling and the structure has become damaged. Patients may be experiencing a failed root canal treatment and need to remove the natural tooth. Injury to the mouth may also result in the loss of a tooth, or a tooth such as a wisdom tooth can become extremely problematic and require removal as well. During an appointment with Dr. A, patients can explain their dental concerns and work with a professional to find a viable solution.

Who can you call for emergency dental care?

Dr. A is here for patients needing to see a dental professional as soon as possible. His practice can be reached by phone at (215) 624-1935 or visited personally at 7052-56 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia, PA. He welcomes new patients for emergency dental care.

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