When Philadelphia area patients may need Emergency Extractions

Dr. A of Philadelphia is an emergency dentist who can help patients with the care and attention of their smile even in unexpected situations. In most cases, he will do what he can to avoid permanently extracting a tooth. However, there are times in which emergency extractions may be necessary.

An emergency extraction may occur for many reasons. It may be due to a tooth that has been injured. If the tooth is unable to be repaired, it will need to be removed.

A tooth with a large area of decay may also be removed if it has been deemed not savable. Decay can reach deep into the tooth, infect the dental pulp and result in extreme pain and discomfort for the patient. Root canal therapy may be able to remove the decay and the dental pulp and seal the tooth, but there are times in which the damage may be too much and may require Dr. A to remove the tooth instead.

Periodontal disease may also be a reason a patient may need to have a tooth extracted. Periodontal disease, known as gum disease, can cause the bone of the jaw to shrink and result in loose teeth. These teeth are often affected by other conditions such as decay. If the health of the tooth is not restorable, Dr. A may suggest removal.

When pain and discomfort persist and keep you from enjoying your life, sleeping, or feeling good about yourself, it is time to see a dentist for necessary care. Dr. A and his team are here to help patients during regular recall appointments or on an emergency basis. Contact Innovative Dental By Dr. A today to book a consultation visit with him and his staff to learn more about when emergency extractions may be necessary to bring the smile back to health. Our team can also work with patients in determining appropriate restorative solutions including dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges after extraction has been completed.

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