Recreating perfect smiles with dentures for northeast Philadelphia residents.

Cosmetic dentistry does more than provide aesthetically pleasing smiles to patients. It also helps patients lead normal lives. When one or more teeth are missing, it can affect more than our smile and confidence. It can also affect how we eat and how we speak. For those who are looking for an affordable and removable option for teeth restoration, dentures may be the best course of action.

To create dentures, your dentist thoroughly examines your mouth, takes an imprint of your teeth and gums, and sends the sample to an advanced laboratory. The lab will then replicate the imprint to make dentures that fit perfectly to your mouth. This tailoring is absolutely necessary because no two patient’s smiles are alike. Making sure the dentures are not only strong but befitting your oral structure is key to the restructuring of your smile.

Loss of teeth can occur due to a myriad of reasons including gum disease, overgrown cavities, old age, heavy smoking, and by just being a bit clumsy. If you are missing one tooth or many teeth, there are different kinds of dentures that may work for you. Partial dentures are for minimal tooth loss. They fit seamlessly into your mouth and provide stability for your other teeth so that they don’t move into the gaps. Full dentures replace the entire arch of teeth if multiple teeth are lost.

If patients desire non-removable dentures for a longer lasting solution to missing teeth, our offices are also skilled in the practice of implant supported dentures. Depending on the number of teeth lost and the health and age of the patient, implants are drilled into the jawbone and then dentures are fixed to them for an impeccable fit. Implant supported dentures also do away with the messy adhesives used by dentures.

As far as the looks of dentures go, most dentures are made from an acrylic resin or porcelain so that they look incredibly like regular teeth. Most people will not even be able to notice you are wearing dentures.

Call the offices of Dr. A to schedule an appointment today. Let us help restore your smile and your confidence with custom-made dentures.

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