Dentist in Philadelphia describes Dentures

Dentures are a wonderful, economical way for patients to repair their smile after tooth loss. There are different variations of dentures that can be used to restore function and beauty to the smile, including partials and full dentures. Both play important roles in restorative dentistry and are available for patients at Innovative Dental By Dr. A.

Full dentures help patients who are struggling with complete tooth loss. This includes all teeth missing from the dental arch, either the upper, lower, or both. When this happens, it is essential that patients restore their smile in order to be able to enjoy their favorite foods. Full dentures accomplish this. They are fabricated to look natural and include acrylic teeth and gum tissue. Patients can work with their dentist to create their new smile with full dentures and may find the process to be rather enjoyable. Patients who have had an imperfect smile their entire life can now create the smile they’ve always wanted with the help of a cosmetic dentist to ensure it will look as natural as possible. Full dentures are held in place with suction, dental adhesives, or even dental implants. Implant-supported dentures are often a wonderful choice for patients who have struggled with their dentures not staying in place.

Partial dentures are another solution for patients with partial tooth loss. One or more teeth missing within the smile can be addressed with dental implants, dental bridges, or partial dentures, depending on the needs of the patient. Partial dentures are made of acrylic and metal framework that snaps into the smile using the existing teeth as support. Partial dentures look a lot like a retainer that integrates into the smile with a false tooth.

Dr. A of Philadelphia is proud to offer his patients solutions for tooth loss and encourages new and existing patients to visit his practice for assistance. Contact Innovative Dental By Dr. A today to book an appointment with our team of professionals and take the time to find out if dentures are appropriate for your specific needs.

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