Why might a Dentist in Philadelphia suggest Dentures?

Dr. A is a dentist in Philadelphia who offers a myriad of restorative solutions for new and existing patients to his practice, Innovative Dental By Dr. A. His practice is here to help patients in many different situations, while also offering general and preventative dental care. Using some of the latest technologies and techniques, as well as quality materials, he is able to provide beautiful, long-lasting restorations such as dentures.

Dentures have become more popular over the years as many patients have begun to see how natural they look, easy they are to use and clean, and understand their true benefits. The thought of dentures used to make patients cringe, thinking of false teeth that fell out of place at inopportune times or those that looked extremely fake. Thanks to continued advances in restorative dentistry, Dr. A can now provide solutions that look natural, function well, and provide patients with a way to repair their smiles after tooth loss has occurred.

There are two variations of dentures, which include partial and full. Full dentures are used to replace an entire arch of teeth. Sometimes patients are missing several teeth and decide to have the rest extracted to be able to utilize full dentures. Partials are used in situations where one or more teeth within the arch need to be replaced. Dr. A works with patients to determine the best option based on their specific needs.

There are several reasons a dentist may suggest dentures. Perhaps patients are on a tight budget and require a more economical solution than bridges or implants. Sometimes patients do not have enough bone structure to place dental implants and are not candidates for that method. Patients who have healthy teeth surrounding the area where the natural teeth once were may not want to have some of the enamel removed to place a dental bridge. Other patients may prefer having a removable restoration such as a partial or full denture for better hygiene. No matter what the reasons, Dr. A can work with men and women to figure out the best solution for their needs.

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