Proper care and dental services to maintain your dentures

Now that you have a beautifully restored smile, it is important to take appropriate care of your dentures to ensure they last a long time. Dr. A offers these tips and dental services to patients who have recently received partial or full dentures.


  • Store them properly. Dentures should be handled with care. Accidentally dropping them could causes them to break. Make sure to keep dentures in a safe place away from children or pets who could accidentally knock them down. When handling your dentures, place a soft towel on your counter or fill your sink with water in case they are dropped.
  • Soak dentures when not wearing them. To help dentures maintain their shape, soak them while not being worn.


  • Clean your mouth prior to inserting dentures. Gently brush any natural teeth, your mouth, gums, and tongue before placing dentures, to help maintain good oral health.
  • Clean them daily. Dentures need to be brushed daily – just like natural teeth – to remove food, plaque, and stains. Make sure to use a brush specifically designed for denture care. Avoid stiff bristles, as they can wear down or damage dentures. Rinse dentures after every meal.
  • Use denture-appropriate solutions. Avoid use of bleach, household cleaners, and toothpastes as they may be too harsh or abrasive. Specialized denture cleansers are available for soaking.


Maintain regular dental visits. If you notice any change in the way your dentures feel or function, schedule an appointment by calling Dental Arts Group in Philadelphia, PA at [phone_no]. Over time, natural changes in your mouth make it necessary for adjustment or a new set of dentures. Dr. A can determine what action is necessary for your oral wellness.

With proper care and regular professional dental services, dentures can provide an affordable and long lasting smile.

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