Philadelphia dentist offers tooth replacement options and quality denture repair

When you are dependent on your dentures, any problems can be quite inconvenient. Eating becomes difficult. Going out in public is embarrassing. You need a solution – now. Thankfully, if you live in or near Philadelphia, Dr. A is available to for urgent care and to provide repair for your dentures. With our high-quality and affordable work, we will get you back to living life quickly.

In addition to repairs, Innovative Dental By Dr. A provides solutions for tooth loss with full and partial dentures, bridges, and dental implants. Dr. A and his exceptional staff will work with a patient to determine the best solution. Various factors will be considered in the decision. Budget may be a concern for a patient. Dentures are economical replacement options. They can replace multiple teeth, up to full upper and lower arches. A patient will receive a quality product at a fair price. In the removable form, these may serve a patient well as an interim also, while making a decision on other options, such as implants. A bridge is another option for one or multiple missing teeth. This is a fixed option, using a patient’s own healthy, natural teeth to stabilize the replacement.

The most realistic replacement option is implants. Implants are suitable for the replacement of one or multiple teeth, and can even be used to secure dentures in place. This choice offers benefits not found with the others, primarily stimulation for bone retention. Implants are the rod placed into the jawbone, and then the visible part of the replacement is attached at the surface of the gums. Once the bone fuses with the implant, and the restoration is placed, a patient will generally enjoy many trouble-free years. In fact, implants may provide the patient with satisfaction for a lifetime. Care for implants is the same as for natural teeth – brushing, flossing, and regular checkups.

We are available to meet your needs and to help maintain your good health and function. If you are missing teeth, it is important to have them replaced. Schedule a consultation with us to go over your best options. If you encounter any problems, such as dentures in need of repair, contact us to be seen promptly so that you can resume living life normally. Whichever option describes you, rest assured that you will receive trustworthy service and care at Innovative Dental By Dr. A.

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