The methods of Teeth Whitening available through your Philadelphia Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry allows patients to change their smiles, and their lives. A beautiful smile can provide more than just an attractive appearance. It can improve confidence and self-esteem for patients of all ages. Many patients will ask Dr. A, of Innovative Dental By Dr. A, about ways they can improve their smiles. For some, the solution may be as simple as an in-office teeth whitening treatment with a Philadelphia dentist.

Teeth whitening is affordable, fast, and simple, and Dr. A enjoys offering his patients whitening with the KöR whitening deep bleaching system. He finds that this form of bleaching is the one that provides the most satisfactory results for patients. He loves being able to help patients with a yellowed, stained smile walk out of the office with dazzling white teeth. With KöR teeth whitening, this Philadelphia dentist can change a patient’s life in just one visit to the dental chair followed by a couple of weeks of easy at home whitening.

The KöR teeth whitening system provides the results that patients want. KöR is even effective on intrinsic staining such as that caused by medications. Treatment begins with an in-office whitening treatment, and it is followed with a couple of weeks of in-home whitening to achieve the most brilliant results. If necessary, the at-home treatment can be followed by a second in-office treatment. Patients can touch up their smiles as needed with the at home trays to maintain their bright smile for life. The enamel can be lightened up to sixteen shades, depending upon the initial degree of discoloration. Patients who have been unhappy with over the counter whitening methods may find that the KöR whitening system far surpasses the results that they may have obtained through these alternative treatments. This is because the KöR whitening system is a professional-grade whitening product that is truly effective and provides stunning results.

Patients will first want to talk to Dr. A about their candidacy for KöR teeth whitening. Some patients may not be a viable candidate for treatment depending on whether they have restorations such as crowns, bridges, or veneers. These restorations will not respond to whitening, and may need to be replaced if a patient wants to brighten his or her smile.

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