Urgent care for dental needs in Philadelphia, PA

When patients in Philadelphia, PA require urgent care for specific dental needs, they are encouraged to call the practice of Innovative Dental By Dr. A. Patients in and around the community are welcome to speak to the team about emergency dental care that can be achieved on short notice.

What is a dental emergency?

When the unexpected happens to the smile and requires immediate assistance, it is a dental emergency. Dental emergencies are situations in which patients require care and attention as soon as possible. It may be during the day or after business hours. Dr. A can assist in many cases by providing same-day care whenever possible or arranging for medications over the phone to get patients comfortable until they can make it in the following morning.

What are some examples of dental emergencies?

Dental emergencies can range from an injury to the smile to a lost restoration. Here are a few examples of what may constitute a dental emergency:

  • A tooth that has been knocked out
  • A loose tooth that may have been caused by infection of the bone
  • A toothache that cannot be managed with over-the-counter pain medications and causes patients to lose sleep
  • A lost or broken restoration such as a veneer, crown, bridge, or denture

Call Dr. A when dental emergencies arise!

At Innovative Dental By Dr. A, patients have access to a wide range of dental solutions. If you live in and around the area of Philadelphia, PA and are interested in learning more about dental emergencies and urgent care, contact his practice today at (215) 624-1935. Patients do not have to be existing patients to have their dental needs addressed on an emergency basis. The office is located at 7052-56 Frankford Avenue, blocks from Cottman Avenue in Philadelphia, PA.

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