Why might a patient consider dental Teeth Whitening through a Philadelphia dental practice?

A beautiful smile can make a difference in both business and in personal relationships. It can exude confidence, and allow patients to enjoy the boost in self-esteem that comes with good oral health. Dr. A of Innovative Dental By Dr. A in Philadelphia provides the best cosmetic and general dentistry treatments to ensure patients achieve the smile of their dreams!

Patients who want a dental treatment to rejuvenate a dull and discolored smile may ask their dentist about teeth whitening. Many of our patients have attempted to whiten their smile with over-the-counter products, including strips, toothpastes, and trays. Unfortunately, these department store solutions do not provide the same results as professional-grade whitening treatments. When patients visit their dental office for teeth whitening solutions, they are pleasantly surprised at the results they achieve, and feel as though they have gotten much more value for their money. Instead of wasting money on these solutions that just don’t work, patients are encouraged to contact Dr. A to learn about professional whitening methods.

The best candidates for professional teeth whitening treatments are those who have good oral health, but want to address staining and discoloration of tooth enamel. Some individuals may have naturally yellow teeth, which can be caused by genetics, while others may have staining that has occurred over time with food and drink. Regardless of what caused the staining, professional teeth whitening solutions may be the best way to tackle these imperfections and improve the appearance of the teeth. Dr. A offers two methods of whitening, including take-home whitening trays with strong whitening solutions and in-office power bleaching.

If you live in the Philadelphia area and you have been unhappy with the over-the-counter whitening products that produce little to no results, it’s time you experience the advantages of professional-grade products through Innovative Dental By Dr. A. Call our practice today to find out if you are a viable candidate for teeth bleaching solutions such as in-office whitening or quality take-home whitening trays and learn about the methods available for achieving a dazzling, whiter smile! We love seeing our patients smile, and enjoy being the source of their brilliantly beautiful teeth!

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