Dental Implants and Dentures Can Change Your Life and Health. Here Are Some Common Questions About Both

Have you been considering upgrading your smile and health but do not know where to start? Dr. A serves the community in Philadelphia with the best dental care for people ready to decide between dental implants vs. dentures. Both options are significant upgrades to a painful unhealthy smile.

Common FAQs About Dental Implants and Dentures

  • Are dental implants permanent? Yes, dental implants are permanent. They do not come out at night or while you are eating. Dental implants are much like natural teeth and are sturdy.
  • Why are more people choosing implants compared to dentures? Dentures are viewed more and more as temporary because they do not offer the comfort and ease of implants. Dentures are beneficial for their purpose, but many consider them as secondary to permanent implants.
  • Why are implants preferred? Implants help keep the structure of your jaw as it should be, whereas dentures may not. Implants are easy to forget, whereas dentures are not so comfortable for most. Implants often end up as the more affordable option in the long run, and they cannot be lost or misplaced like dentures. Many people consider implants a more natural look as well.
  • How long does it take to get implants vs. dentures? One of the reasons some people choose to get dentures over implants is that it takes a little less time to get dentures. Many counter that the reduced timetable does not make up for the non-permanence.
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Dr. A is your premium dental implant dentist in the Philadelphia region. If you consider upgrading your smile and health, you will find all the answers to your dental implant vs. dentures questions in the office.

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