Why patients in Philadelphia may choose Dental Implants

Dental implants in Philadelphia are a popular choice for patients who are ready to restore their smile in a permanent manner. There are many reasons patients visit the team of Innovative Dental By Dr. A to undergo the dental implant procedure and use them to stabilize dentures or replace a single tooth in the dental arch.


Dentures are removable and they need to cleaned and cared for separately from the natural teeth, while bridges may not last as long and require special care and attention. Dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone and they can last a lifetime when patients maintain them with regular visits to the dental office and proper home oral hygiene habits.


Dental implants derive their strength from the jawbone in which they are implanted, so they are very stable. This ensures that they function just as natural teeth and can provide the best stability for full dentures, which can be made to snap into place.

Maintaining Bone

The bone can deteriorate after tooth loss has occurred which can greatly affect the natural face shape. By placing a dental implant, the process of osseointegration occurs, which is bone growth that holds the implant in place. This can help patients avoid the appearance of a sunken in mouth, which commonly occurs in denture patients. Dentures can also protect the healthy bone and reduce loss over time.

Maintain Alignment

Patients who lose natural teeth are at risk for having their remaining natural teeth shift out of place. This may require later treatments such as porcelain veneers, dental bonding, or orthodontics to repair. Instead, patients can place dental implants soon after tooth loss to keep their natural smile from changing in a negative way.

Successful and Predictable

The placement of dental implants by a periodontist at Innovative Dental By Dr. A is precise and predictable. Dentists also find them to be one of the most successful oral surgeries that can provide long-term correction to a smile that has been affected by tooth loss.

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