Dentist offers dental implant surgery and restoration at Philadelphia, PA, area practice

At Innovative Dental By Dr. A, we work routinely with patients who are in need of tooth replacements. There are many situations that may arise that might cause a patient in the Philadelphia, PA, area to require tooth replacements, including disease and extractions. Regardless, our team can suggest the advantages of dental implant surgery and restoration for patients in the community, considering that it’s a permanent solution lasting many years.

What is a dental implant?

Dr. A describes the dental implant as a restoration placed by a dentist into the bone of the jaw during oral surgery to function as a replacement for the natural tooth root. The portion that rests above the gumline is called the abutment and can be restored using a dental crown, a dental bridge, or a full denture. This is dependent on the patient’s unique needs and situation. These restorations are highly desirable for several reasons.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants are:

  • Strong and durable
  • Permanent
  • Natural-looking in appearance
  • Versatile, replacing one or all the teeth

Who is a candidate for dental implants?

Before moving forward with dental implant surgery, patients will need to first determine if they are a good fit for dental implants. The best candidates for this treatment are those who have a healthy smile free from periodontal disease and cavities. During an evaluation, which often includes dental X-rays, the dentist will assess the patient’s jawbone to ensure there is enough bone available to successfully place the implant. Without enough bone, the placement of the implant will be unsuccessful, and patients may need to speak to the dentist about alternatives. In some cases, patients with insufficient bone can ask Dr. A about the possibility of undergoing preparatory solutions such as bone grafting. This is a procedure done to build up the bone in the jaw to prepare for the placement of dental implants. Patients might want to consider this if they are serious about having dental implants placed in the future to restore their smiles.

What alternative options are available?

In cases where patients may not be suitable for dental implants, alternative options such as dentures or dental bridges may be discussed. These are not as permanent as dental implants and do not require oral surgery, but they may be a better option based on the initial assessment performed by our team. We also encourage patients to bring their dental insurance information with them to their appointment to determine if they can reduce their cost of any treatments as well, possibly making dental implants within reach in terms of cost.

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