Philadelphia area dentist discusses dental implants

When you are missing teeth, much more is affected than you may realize. The teeth surrounding the gap will converge because they have nothing to keep them stable. When this happens, the gums and bone structure of your jaw is also affected. This can lead to a myriad of oral health issues including periodontitis, or gum disease, which is currently incurable.
Depending on how many teeth you are missing, your overall health, and if you wish to have a fixed versus removable option, the offices of Dr. A can accommodate. If you are older or want a temporary solution, removable dentures may be your best route. However, if you desire a fixed and permanent solution a dental implant will be your best course of action.
Implants are made with a titanium alloy, making it incredibly strong, and also compatible with the human body. To embed an implant, surgery is required. We provide oral sedation and blankets so that this procedure is done with as much comfort as possible. Once the implant is in, the bone structure will fuse to the metal securing the implant in place while also strengthening the patient’s overall jaw.
A crown will then be placed on top of the implant to look like the regular part of the tooth we brush and eat with. Crowns are usually made with porcelain and resin mixture to have that look and feel of a normal tooth; but, metal crowns are sometimes used, as well. In certain cases, a bridge may be necessary to link a crown and another tooth and/or implant if there is a small gap showing between.
If you are missing multiple teeth, the proficient members of our staff can also perform the procedure for implant supported dentures. The denture itself will be custom-made ahead of time in a laboratory to perfectly match your facial structure and smile characteristics. The dentist will then situate multiple implants at various points along the jawline. When those have healed, the dentures will be able to snap on, fortifying them down so patients no longer have to worry about them falling out or uncomfortable movements when eating or talking.
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