Why cosmetic Teeth Whitening is a popular procedure for patients in Philadelphia

Teeth whitening has been around for many years, and over the last decade or two, patients have even been able to purchase cosmetic teeth whitening kits through their local drugstore in the Philadelphia area. However, many of these over-the-counter bleaching kits fall short of the results that can be achieved with professional methods.

Dr. A and the team of Innovative Dental By Dr. A in Philadelphia are committed to helping patients achieve a whiter, brighter smile in an affordable, fast, and effective manner. Using the KöR Deep Bleaching System, Dr. A can dramatically improve the brilliance and beauty of his patients’ smiles.

Teeth bleaching has become a popular cosmetic treatment for many reasons. It is a safe, effective, and affordable way for patients to enhance the appearance of their smiles without major intervention with various dental solutions. It can be used before patients consider permanent, irreversible options for disguising stains such as porcelain veneers or dental bonding. Teeth bleaching is a wonderful method of rejuvenating the smile for upcoming important events such as a wedding or reunion. Patients may have staining on their teeth due to medications, poor oral hygiene, or even genetics and they are excited to learn that with KöR Deep Bleaching, they can achieve a more beautiful smile!

KöR Deep Bleaching is an in-office procedure that is done by a professional. It starts with the cleaning of all surfaces of the teeth to ensure that plaque and tartar are removed. Then, barrier gel is applied to the gum tissue to protect it from the strong whitening gel. A specialized light is used to activate the whitening ingredients on the teeth and provide immediate results. Patients are able to leave the dental office within two hours with a bright smile and enjoy the advantages of whitening their teeth in just one dental visit.

If you live in or around the Philadelphia area or surrounding communities and have considered the advantages of whitening the smile with professional-grade products, contact the team of Innovative Dental By Dr. A today to schedule a consultation and examination appointment.

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