What cosmetic dentistry treatments are available near me in Philadelphia?

Have you ever noticed the flawless smiles of celebrities? Though some people may have naturally beautiful smiles, you may be surprised to find that for many, including celebrities, a perfect smile is often the result of special cosmetic treatments. Even so, you may be wondering, “What about me?” Now at Innovative Dental By Dr. A, cosmetic dentistry treatments are no longer just for the elite, and even you can improve your smile at an office near you in Philadelphia.

Teeth Whitening

A common concern for many people is that their teeth are yellow and discolored from stains. Simple teeth whitening treatments offered by a cosmetic dentist can dramatically improve the whiteness of your smile with one visit to the dentist.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Teeth with cavities no longer need ugly metal fillings, because now there are tooth-colored materials that can fill cavities while making sure your smile still looks natural.

Dental Bonding

If your teeth have been chipped or have other surface problems, dental bonding can work to quickly cover these imperfections by applying a composite material to teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are also used to cover a number of imperfections in a smile, such as chipping, discoloration, and even some gaps and crowding by covering the front of teeth with thin tooth-shaped porcelain shells.

Bridges and Crowns

Bridges work with crowns to replace missing teeth by using surrounding teeth as anchors. Crowns can cover damaged teeth and protect them while making them look better.

Dental Implants

When you are missing teeth, one of the best options available today is a dental implant. Dental implants can work to replace individual teeth or an entire row of teeth.

Invisalign & Six Month Smiles

If you never had orthodontic treatment as a child, you can still straighten your smile today. Invisalign and Six Month Smiles are two of the preferred methods for helping adults to align their smiles without wires and brackets.

You don’t have to wait any longer to have a smile you’ll love. Visit our office in Philadelphia this week to discover which cosmetic dentistry services will work best to improve your smile.

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