Why KöR deep bleaching is one of the best teeth whitening methods available at the dentist

If you find yourself wishing your teeth where a little whiter, you will be excited to know that one of the best whitening solutions is available at your dentist’s office. When we are young, our tooth enamel is naturally bright, but years of stain accumulation dull a smile. With the KöR professional deep bleaching procedure, discoloration can be removed and teeth restored to a beautiful, youthful luster.

The KöR Difference

You have options in teeth whitening. At the dental aisle in your drug store you can find various toothpastes, strips, and mouth rinses. While these commercial methods seem convenient, they don’t produce dramatic results, and often leave people in search of an alternative. The KöR bleaching system is a unique method that can remove difficult stains and dramatically whiten teeth, for results that shine.

How it works

The KöR deep bleaching procedure is completed in three separate phases for total results:

  • Phase One:
    The first step is an in-office professional whitening treatment. This first whitening session gives patients visible results and prepares tooth enamel to absorb additional whitening treatment. KöR does not use an activation light, which reduces drying out and sensitization of enamel.
  • Phase Two:
    The second step is daily teeth whitening at home. Patients use custom trays with professional grade whitening gel every day for the recommended amount of time. Trays are professionally designed to protect the gums and prevent leaking.
  • Phase Three:
    The final step is a second in-office bleaching procedure. This last session gives patients a final boost to sparkling, white teeth.

With the KöR deep bleaching system, patients can see improvement of up to 16 shades whiter enamel.

To learn more about why the KöR method is the most powerful whitening system available, call the team at Innovative Dental By Dr. A at (215) 624-1935.

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