Who is the best orthodontist for Six Month Smiles near me?

Misaligned smiles can have a negative impact on the way patients feel. If you have been searching for the best orthodontist “near me” in the area of Philadelphia, you’ve come to the right place! Dr. A is not only a general and aesthetic dentist, but a dentist who can provide an alternative to traditional braces when the concerns are purely cosmetic.
Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary method of realigning the teeth. It is best suited for patients who are experiencing misalignment of the teeth near the front of the mouth, also referred to as the “Social Six.” The Social Six includes the anterior teeth on the top and bottom arches that can have a cosmetic impact on the way the teeth look when patients smile, speak, or laugh. Six Months Smiles is an alternative to traditional methods of orthodontia that may take months, even years, to correct misalignment.
Six Month Smiles uses tooth-colored brackets and wires to reposition the teeth within the dental arch. It does so both quickly and effectively, offering many patients fast treatment. It is also much more affordable that traditional orthodontics and is more discreet. This is thanks to the less noticeable brackets and wires during treatment.
Patients interested in learning about Six Month Smiles must first speak to a dentist to determine if they are appropriate candidates. Patients with mild misalignment of the front teeth are better suited than those with issues that also affect the bite. These patients may be better off speaking to a traditional orthodontist about braces. Six Month Smiles is an elective, cosmetic solution to misaligned teeth and is not appropriate for those with functional problems or overcrowding.
If you are searching for a dentist “near me,” now is the perfect time to contact Innovative Dental By Dr. A. We encourage patients to take the time to learn about orthodontic alternatives, which allow them to stay with a dentist they already know and trust with their smile and enjoy the benefits of a better-aligned smile. Contact us today to book your consultation appointment and evaluation to find out if Six Month Smiles can dramatically improve your smile!

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