Why dental implants are the best option for missing teeth.

Dental implants are an increasingly popular method of tooth restoration, preferred by many Philadelphia patients over conventional methods such as dentures or bridgework. Patients who have experience with dentures know that their confidence to smile, eat, and speak can be greatly diminished by the fear of their teeth slipping out of position. Ill-fitting dentures can be uncomfortable and cause sores in addition to making eating and speaking difficult. Some of the major challenges with conventional dentures include:

  • Improper fit: dentures may shift or even fall out
  • Inability to speak properly or clearly
  • Sores
  • Change in facial structure due to bone loss
  • Major changes in diets and ability to consume favorite foods
  • Digestive difficulty

The team at Innovative Dental By Dr. A specializes in offering dental implants. We understand how difficult it can be to live with dentures and want to provide our patients with a stable, long-lasting alternative. Dental implants are an effective, natural-looking, and comfortable solution that can help patients replace missing teeth and retain a high quality of life.
Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically implanted on an arch to replace a missing tooth root. Our team uses highly modern technology to determine precise placement of the implants to provide the maximum amount of support. Once completed, temporary restorations are placed while the implant site heals properly.
After this process is complete, patients will return to the office to have their permanent dentures affixed to the implants. Most patients are amazed at the natural look and function of their new teeth.
You don’t have to live with the humiliation of ill-fitting dentures or missing teeth any longer. If you are in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas, call us today at (215) 624-1935 and schedule a consultation to find out more about the advantages of dental implants.

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