Patient feedback is generally positive on 6 month braces in reviews

Adults interested in a quick and affordable option to improve the cosmetic alignment of their teeth are invited to schedule a consultation with Dr. A. Six Month Smiles is a system offered at Innovative Dental By Dr. A in Philadelphia to correct mild to moderate cosmetic concerns with the teeth that are visible when you smile. Braces have long been considered the go-to orthodontic method to deliver beautiful smiles. Six Month Smiles is an innovative treatment that is designed to deliver many of the benefits of braces over a brief 6 month period.
Six Month Smiles is desirable because it provides prompt gratification, and because of the nearly invisible components of the system. Success is achieved with wires and brackets that gently exert force to straighten and align anterior teeth, according to a patient’s individual needs. Reviews of the therapy are positive, including affordability. Six Months Smiles costs much less than many other similar orthodontic treatments, yet patients still enjoy outstanding results.
Choosing a qualified doctor is vital to a successful outcome. Only a trained provider such as Dr. A can determine who is a good candidate for Six Month Smiles. Following a consultation and approval, x-rays and impressions will be taken and used to design an individual’s specialized components of treatment. Once the appliances are installed, visits to our office are only required every four weeks. This allows the dentist to evaluate improvements and be sure that everything remains on track. The overall purpose is achieved as patients enjoy results much more quickly than with other systems.
While many patients will experience successful improvement in the appearance of their smiles, not all conditions are appropriate for Six Month Smiles. Some patients may still be required to visit an orthodontist to have more complex problems evaluated. We are here to ensure that patients are assessed and treated properly, as the health of our patients is always our priority. We love to help patients experience a great new smile in a brief period of time. Call us to schedule an appointment and learn more about achieving a straighter, more pleasing image with the help of Six Month Smiles.

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